Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wireless Home Security System

Wireless Home Security System 

Product Features
This system detecets motion or a door or window opening, activates an alarm and cals your phone.
Remote control with Panic Button feature included
Wireless transmission up to 250 feet. Motion detector range up to 8 yards
Includes: Control unit with AC adaptor ,Motion detector sensor ,
Door/Window sensor with alarm ,Remote control with Panic Button,Instructional DVD and batteries

Product Description
Detects motion or a door or window openingActivates an alarm and calls up to 5 numbersRemote control with panic button featureCompatible with up to 14 additional wireless accessories for expansionIncludes batteries and AC adapter

5-Star Customer Review
"I live in a not so great apartment complex. I have lots of nice toys that would be very easy to hock at a pawn shop. I got worried everytime I left my apt that I'd come back to find the flimsy door kicked in and my goodies gone. I was able to install this in minutes. Two screws for the main unit and one screen for the motion sensor (mounted right above my door but out of reach to the average person. Now I can leave my place without worry.

Pro: Very easy to install, keychain remote means no running to the keypad.

Con: I found the working range of the remote to be about 30ft (through several walls though). Its loud but without an external siren I'm counting on my immediate next door neighbors to respond to the alarm before they disable it. Some of the setup menus are a little clumsy, but you only have to do it once.

I'd buy it again in a heartbeat."


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